Garima Kushwaha

Garima is a research scientist and has a PhD in Bioinformatics. Apart from this, she is interested in women empowerment in the context of Indian women. Garima has previously written for platforms like Youth Ki Awaaz and Womens Web on issues centered on women empowerment.

Anastasia Damani

Anastasia is a children’s book illustrator and visual communication designer. She illustrates across mediums - picture books, educational books, children’s apps as well as International authors such as Kobus Neethling (’Very Smart Parenting’) and the Chinmaya Mission.

Rajat Mittal

Rajat is a Software Engineer and was the editor and production manager for Menstrupedia, an educational comic book and web platform that addresses menstrual myths and taboos.

Divya Rosaline
Divya works at the intersections of kindness, gender issues, menstrual awareness, writing, editing and life skills training. She is a Menstrual Hygiene Consultant, the Story Editor of Menstrupedia, and has completed her MSc from the University of Oxford.