Encourage participation in outdoor sports

Outdoor play and sports are fundamental to a child’s growth, regardless of their gender or sex. If that is truly the case, then why is that that we are overly sensitive to girls getting bruised, why do we teach them to think of outdoor play and sports as dangerous? Why are boys not told the same?

Girls are often taught to take lesser risks and minor injuries are sensationalized. This leads to a caution built upon the foundations of fear.

Encourage your daughter to be outdoorsy, to play, to climb trees, to swim, run, bike, skate as much as she wants to. Of course one must teach girls to be careful, and boys too, but they also need to learn to take care of themselves in the face of adventure and hurt. We build our boys up to be fearless like this, why not our girls?

Taking measured risks instead of being over-cautious and not being paralyzed by fear can go a long way in instilling confidence and self-assurance among girls.